Wedding photographer Levent Toprak, Istanbul

In my photography, be it weddings or portraiture, I always follow the natural style which is not bound by any fashion or current trends. Such photographs do not have limitations of the present time that is why you will equally enjoy them even years later. I make use of nature’s beauty, architecture and the play of natural light together with artificial lighting to create beautiful scenery to emphasize and capture the joy of most happy moments of your life.

Most important for me is that as a photographer I work with living people. That is why I always try to establish a good rapport with my clients so that the photography session becomes enjoyable for all of us. Only then will people look natural and relaxed and the photos will reflect the joy of the moment.

I’ve been in photography for 40 years, learned mostly from the American and Russian photography schools. So, although I only recently came into wedding photography, I believe that I can help you enjoy even more the wonderful moments of your life and you will see that enjoyment reflected in my photographs.