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As a wedding photographer, I work with people. And living people cannot be squeezed into any artificial frames, like a fixed photo package. That is why I prefer not to follow any strict limits. Of course, I have to define some packages so that you – my potential clients can get some idea. But I will never stop, say, after 3 hours if the session goes well and we all enjoy it (and I will not charge you for the extra time of course). The main thing for me is that we all should enjoy the process. Otherwise, even with perfect lighting, perfect shooting techniques and expensive equipment the photos that come out will not be such that you will enjoy looking at them even years later.

So, just as a guide for you, I offer 3 kinds of packages: short, 2-3 hours, medium, up to 5 hours and long – whole day.

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wringFor a wedding, short package would include just the official registration or a photo session after registration in a place of your choice. Medium package would include either both the registration and a following photo session or bride’s preparation (starting from the hair dresser’s) and the registration. Long package includes the whole wedding starting from bride’s preparations till the beginning of banquet. On mutual agreement, banquet can also be included.


Engagement sessions. It doesn’t have to be an actual engagement, could be just a photo session with the two of you. Many couples like to act as if it is an engagement, to have a photo of the engagement ring being offered because they didn’t have a chance to have actual engagement being photographed. Short package is shot at a single location while medium and long packages can be shot at several locations.


portr-icoOutside portrait sessions. Again, short session is shot at a single locations and medium and long sessions can be shot at several locations either in the city or in the nature.

In any case before a wedding I prefer to meet with the couple so that we can get to know each other and be at ease during the wedding. Best thing would be to have an engagement session some time before the wedding. That helps a lot to understand each other and to feel easy and natural during the wedding. For all couples who have an engagement session with me I offer a discount for the wedding.

And, as photography is a living process for me, I am not going to tell you exactly how many photographs I am going to deliver and how many of them would be processed in Photoshop. As a rough guide, short session would include 80-100 photos, medium session 130-150 photos and whole day session 200-250 photos (at weddings I take much more photos, about 1000 for a whole day). All photos will be initially processed in Photoshop and all photos that need to will go through detailed processing. However, I prefer to follow the approach of many famous photographers to photograph properly so that no post processing is needed. So normally I use Photoshop for shots taken in special conditions, like shooting into the sun or with a very bright sky, etc.

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